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Use what is useful and leave the rest. 

"The wise leader's ability does not rest on techniques or gimmicks or set exercises. The method of awareness-of-process applies to all people and all situations”  

- Lao Tzu

Comfort Zone to Learning zone

Superpowers framework - intro

Motivators for Human behaviour

Why you should become a global learner

Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Essence of Facilitation - Sessions Two/Three - Assignments and resources

1. STAYING PRESENT: Keep NOTICING what you notice - Noticing activates the superpower of Awareness. As we get into the habit, it is easier to observe ourselves and choose responses rather than reacting from egoic triggers. 


2. NEW VIDEO CONTENT: You have 2 new videos (above). 

Motivators - (approx 10mins)

Why you should be a global learner. This is a recording of a webinar - around 45mins


3. READING: Essence of Facilitation Handout Supplement (PDF)

4. "I Can Speak Clearly now the pain has gone" (PDF - full book) - personal growth approach to owning your voice.

5. Buddy check ins - do your best to keep regular dates with your buddies as you can. This is GREAT practise space for peer coaching and will help you stay accountable to your intentions, and your action plan. Even adding one small thing a week will be enabling. Incremental forward movement adds up!

See you next session on July 25th :) 

Amanda x

Session One Assignments and Resources

1. NOTICE what you notice - without judgement (curiosity is more useful). Raising Awareness is simple. We bring our attention into the present moment and observe thoughts and feelings as we breathe quite consciously and deliberately. Even a short connection will grow your capacity to 'stay present' more. It is very easy to become distracted if we do not have the mental discipline to focus attention 'on demand'. We will gently and naturally midwife ourselves into next level capacity to be fully present in life - to show up.

If we try to hurry the process, we can 'blow a fuse' so please trust your process deeply. - no digging up your spuds to see how they're going. I promise you, you can afford to lean in to yourself on this.

For now, there is nothing to 'do' but notice. We will condition ourselves to a bigger 'charge' as we grow this capacity this year. The present moment is loaded with infinite possibility. It's where the ACTION is, and all the feels that go with that action! As we develop, we grow the capacity to stay present to the emotional content of life but if we opened to it all at once we would combust! Let's take good care around that. Wisdom is in knowing how to pace yourself. Our individuality is a conduit for life energy... it is brilliant! 


2. Reflecting on what you believe is important in a Leader (your leadership values), please reflect on your share in session, review your notes and others' feedback, and observe your own actions and behaviours day-to-day. By opening yourself to rating how you go with living them for real week by week ('walking your talk'), you will tune in more and more to your own integrity, and you will notice when you stray (the choice is then yours as to what to do with that noticing).

This can be a great topic for a great peer coaching conversation. Choose a rating scale to evaluate 'walking your talk' for yourself

Eg: % or out of 10 etc. Journal your noticings/reflections each week around your top five. Do you keep your word? Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Nothing to 'do' but notice with genuine curiosity. Treat yourself as a topic of study from here on, and begin considering the best coach you could be - to yourself. We will explore this more. 


3. Check in with your buddies and coach each other through an action plan (link to a template below)

This is the space to practise your listening and coaching skills, to seek support in challenging moments (you do not need to suffer alone. Remember we are all here to serve each other and in so doing, help each other grow. The idea is you all get clear about what you want to learn more about/skills you want to build, and then you set about helping each other gain them when we are together (and any other time you give the relationship). Your first 'assignment' is to coach each other through the action plan... just beginning to sketch a few things out. Your buddies are now accountability buddies as well as your coaches! There will be riches in these relationships - your job is to hunt for your treasure :)

Ideally you will have completed this action plan by the time we are together again.

Download your reusable template here


4. Watch the x2 videos above. They offer:

1. A context for learning that you may be familiar with, and a framework for growth that underpins our entire process of learning - The Superpowers framework. This is simply a framework with elements that will be enabling in your life if you choose to use it.

This is the framework you want when you have a handful of magic beans ;)

The videos are snippets lifted from the online programme you will be invited to called The Accelerator (My hair was long then lol).

Modelling imperfection all the way with these! :))

I can't wait for our facilitation skills workshop! Remember this one is also open to the public so if you have mates that would be a fit with what we are up to, let them know. If they go to The Business Hive website and click on 'Business Connect' they will find all the info and can register online or you can copy and paste this link https://www.thebusinesshive.co.nz/business-connect/the-essence-of-facilitation-june2022 (not the link to this page please). It is going to be a cracker!

That's it for now. I will be in touch to open access to The Accelerator once today has been digested :)

Take good care of your fine self and your buddies. Small things can make a BIG difference; like sending out a loving vibe towards your cohort if the programme pops in and you notice... If we started as we mean to go on, we better all put our seat belts on!

My very best to yours,


PS: I am an email/txt away if you need support - just holler :) [email protected] and 021 357753