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20th century leaders were 'the boss'. This style does not work anymore so if you want to attract and retain talent, 21st century leaders need to be 'enlightened'.

All this means is an approach to leadership that includes self reflection - understanding our influence on those we lead. Our role is to bring forward the best in our teams as we galvanise our energies and efforts around a meaningful common purpose

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“I would like to let you know how truly inspiring this course is. I am amazed how much I have learned both on a personal level and as a public speaker in this short space of time and will go as far as to say that it is the best workshop I have ever been to!! The ingredients of this workshop will aid me in connecting with my clients and in creating opportunities when speaking to employers.

The fear of public speaking has given way to a strong belief in myself, and what I do. This has a lot to do with Amanda's style, integrity and course design. She is awe-inspiring and challenges us to be the best we can be, connect with people and serve their needs. I highly recommend this course to all our employment consultants, team leaders and management.”​

Karl Nathan

Employment Consultant

Helping Kiwis thrive 'up front' for 30 years...

Essentially Speaking is an experiential presentation skills workshop designed for beginners and experienced presenters and public speakers. It is principles-based and applies a personal development methodology that brings a fresh and highly stimulating approach to what is traditionally a very challenging topic.

The approach focuses on keeping it real and bringing forward each presenter’s individual style rather than obsessing about technical skill, great slides, and presenting 'rules'. You will learn a practical and EASY preparation strategy that will save you time, effort and energy - and you will get better results! It's all about keeping it real. 

We explore the underlying causes of the common fears relating to public speaking and hone our skills in a safe and non-critical environment.

There are NO video playbacks in session. Whether you need these skills for team meetings, keynotes at conferences, training sessions or speeches of any kind - Essentially Speaking will improve your effectiveness and make it much more enjoyable

What it's all about...

  • Why such a challenge?

  • The answer may not be what you think. A mind open to what presenting yourself is all about is the key ingredient for success.

  • Getting on your own team

  • You will be well aware you can be your own worst critic. Learn how to become a self coaching master instead. Influence starts on the inside...

  • Learning from your peers

  • Every workshop in the past 30 years has had the perfect combination of people working together. There is magic in group learning and we make the most of that.

  • Prepping your material

  • No need to waste time, effort and angst preparing your material. Designing your presentation can be fun!

  • The 'Be Yourself'-factor

  • Always a nice idea but what does it mean? 'Be yourself' begs the question: Who am I?

    Come home to your best self!

  • Confidence and skill build

  • When you know what you are trying to achieve and why, and you are well prepared with clarity of purpose, your presentations will be the ones others want to attend because they add value.

Where? When? How much?

For whom?

Leaders, managers, trainers, speakers, facilitators, coaches and anyone wanting more confidence and competence up front.

Suitable for experienced presenters wanting to go 'next level' and beginners who know effective communication is mission critical in your plans for your future. If you want to be an iinfluencer in life, this workshop will help. 


$750 plus gst. Includes refreshments (not lunches), all materials and resources. 


Fri September 10th: 7pm -10pm

Sat September 11th: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Sun September 12th: 9.30am - 5.30pm

@ The Business Hive

22-26 Ribble Street, Oamaru

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“Before this workshop public speaking made me tense and anxious. I would dread giving papers at conferences and clam up at meetings. This is not a ‘tick-box’ course, you have to be prepared to do some work on yourself. And you may have to dig deep. It is also a course where the customised and flexible approach means that you are in the driver’s seat.

Through the course I have developed a more relaxed, confident attitude. I have gained a raft of tools I can apply to prepared and impromptu public speaking. Anxiety has given way to excitement, and I realise I am actually looking forward to public speaking. Thank you for a transformational course, Amanda.

Vicki Henderson

"The skills that Amanda brings to her courses uniquely equips her to profoundly influence people from a wide range of backgrounds.

I have the utmost respect for her as a teacher and facilitator, and can confidently recommend her to anyone who seeks to develop their own 'up front' skills"

Barbara Simpson, Chair of Innovation, Glasgow University

"As a communications skills and personal development trainer and coach I was impressed by Amanda's Essentially Speaking weekend workshop. Her wisdom, skills and tools was an 'holistic practicum' that lifted my presentation skills to new heights.

I got so much more than refreshing my skills: new 'aha' moments about my behaviour and increased confidence to influence my own and the audience's results.

Amanda's energetic training style and variation of tools to hit messages home made this workshop valuable and essential for both professional and personal development purposes. This was also reflected in our group of business owners, local government staff, education providers and scientists who all invested in their brilliance and it showed!"

Marianne Korten

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