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Note: There are no 'assignment police'. Use what is useful and leave the rest. 

"The wise leader's ability does not rest on techniques or gimmicks or set exercises. The method of awareness-of-process applies to all people and all situations”  

- Lao Tzu

Comfort zone to learning zone

What lobsters can teach us about growth

Superpowers Framework

What Motivates human behaviour - Triune Brain

The Success Spiral - what we believe we make true

Emotional Bank Accounts

A expanded perspective of our solar system

Session Six - Resources and Assignments

IF YOU WATCH NOTHING ELSE IN HERE, WATCH THIS - A little treat from Nature - may these ducklings inspire you

1. Your ongoing assignments are to stay on your own team and keep activating your superpower of Awareness by noticing what you notice. The rest really does take care of itself as you notice and choose. Your choice to stay connected with your buddy as we go into a spell of not gathering in person. There is a new video (above) that is a fav - always reminds me we can lean in and trust the BIG process of life. Check out these brave little ducklings and their beautiful mother.

2. Handout files for team builders:

The Helium Pole - Facilitator Guidance. This PDF includes the 'Growing Team Intelligence reflection and debrief sheet.

3. NOW - THEN - BRIDGE Planning tool template. Feel free to edit/modify to suit your needs if you find it useful as a tool to gain clarity re any topic you choose. Remember the Four Questions format is a great facilitated discovery discussion for problem solving as well (See note below for the Facilitator Guide). This tool can also be used off the back of 'What makes a great team that you cannot buy with money' discussions. 

4. Don't judge a book by its' cover was the game we played where everyone comes up with something no-one could know about them. Good fun state changer. 

That's it for now. It was so good to see those who could make it to the session.

I'll be in touch when Fiona and I have nutted out options and we are ready to reconvene in 2023!

Take good care of yourself and each other and remember The ACCELERATOR is there if you fancy a look.

My best to yours always,


Session Five (online) - Resources and Assignments

1. The Four Questions (PDF) - Guidance for the structured discovery discussion we worked through today.

This works well in tandem with...

2. Decision Making Exercise/Strategy (PDF)


NOTE: This session was about sharing 2 tools you can use in a variety of situations. The Four Questions is a ripper for harvesting issues in a safe way so they can then be worked through. Remember people back what they create so team problem solving is advantageous as trust builds and robust debate can help refine the best solutions.

The decision making activity is a good awareness raiser to be mindful of defining the problem before we go off and solve the 'wrong' thing and create more issues.


3. Do your best to lift your sights above the fray.  Maintaining perspective when the pressure is on is vital to mental health - and productivity. If there were any communication frustrations you sense you could influence - reflect on what you could do/initiate/enquire about to progress towards solution. 

4. Mind your buddy(s). Many are stretched, tired, covid and change weary. Life can be overwhelming if we don't have support. Even a 5 minute check in call with your buddy can lift each other up. There is power in feeling cared about - you can offer this to each other as freely as you choose to.  

That's it for now. It was great to see your faces today (I had no trouble imagining yours Gareth ;)

I am here if I can be of service otherwise I'll be in touch in the lead up to our next LIVE session September - woop!

Take good care of yourself and each other.

My best to yours,

Amanda x

Sessions Two/Three - Resources and Assignments

Session Four - Stress Management and productivity - online speed date - Resources and Assignments

1. Handout supplement (PDF) - a few tips and reminders plus a new reflection called 'A Slice of Now'.

Instructions for this are as follows: Consider each slice as a % (this is not about a pie). If 0% was the centre and 100% was the outside edge, intuit how much of your life energy goes into each slice (as you interpret the headings). We are talking quantity not quality eg: Lots of life energy might go to finance but it could be worry energy.

When complete all the way around, write 'yes' or 'no' in answer to the question:

'Am I happy with both the quantity AND quality of life energy going to each slice?'

If you get YES all the way around let's talk ;)

Once you have your yes/no answers complete (and btw 'yes and no' means NO) draw an arrow for each slice indicating your intention to put more energy in to that slice, or bring it down. That's it - no goal setting. We are simply gaining clarity and forming a clear intention. Time estimate start to finish is around x15mins. Do not overthink this. You have an additional sheet to review in around 3 months so you can 'see' if your intentions had any impact.

2. Buddy check in - have you connected with your buddy(s) since our online sprint? A safe pair of ears is priceless to help you process your weekly experiences and practise the coaching basics. Coaching as a leadership approach is the go!

3. Journal your noticings regarding the three relationships - you with YOU, you with OTHERS and you with EVERYTHING.

4. Reflect on how you are going with the productivity hacks - 7-8hrs sleep, 45-50min block times through the day to progress YOUR work, Regular stretch/change of scenery breaks through the day, morning and after work routines/rituals to embed new habits, dim the lights/no screen for an hour before bedtime...

I will see you online again on August 8th. Till then, happy days - and pace yourself!

Amanda x

Sessions Two/Three - Resources and Assignments

Sessions Two/Three - The Essence of Facilitation

1. STAYING PRESENT: Keep NOTICING what you notice - Noticing activates the superpower of Awareness. As we get into the habit, it is easier to observe ourselves and choose responses rather than reacting from egoic triggers. 

2. NEW VIDEO CONTENT: You have three new videos (above). These are brief overviews of some models. It could be useful to watch them through a couple of times. These are models about...

Motivators - (approx 10mins)

How beliefs impact reality (approx 4mins)

How emotional bank accounts work (approx 7mins)

3. TEAM NOTES: Flip Charts File (PDF) - images of 'Essence of Facilitation' workshop flip charts

4. READING: Essence of Facilitation Handout Supplement (PDF)

5. "I Can Speak Clearly now the pain has gone" (PDF - full book) - personal growth approach to owning your voice.

6. "Activate Your Human Superpowers - a path to your potential" (PDF - full book)

7. Complimentary VIP lifetime access to 'The Accelerator' x52 week online programme that brings the superpower work to life. Each session is around one hour long so the whole long soak is an hour a week. You have 24/7 access once you register. If you want to dip in and out and not have the structured email coaching and support that begins once you are inside, just email me and I turn them of

You have plenty here to chew on until we see each other again in person.

Take good care of yourself and each other.

Amanda x

Session One - Assignments

1. NOTICE what you notice - without judgement (curiosity is more useful). Raising Awareness is simple. We bring our attention into the present moment and observe thoughts and feelings as we breathe quite consciously and deliberately. Even a short connection will grow your capacity to 'stay present' more. (It is very easy to become distracted if we do not have the mental discipline to focus attention 'on demand'. We will grow this capacity this year).


2. Reflecting on what you believe is important in a Leader (your values), please reflect on your share in session, review your notes and others' feedback and observe your own actions and behaviours - opening yourself to rating how you go with living them for real week by week (a great peer coaching conversation). Choose a rating scale to evaluate 'walking your talk' for yourself eg: % or out of 10 etc. Journal your reflections each week around your top 5.


3. Check in with your buddy and see how they are travelling. This is the space to practise your listening and coaching skills. The idea is you both get clear about what you want to learn more about/skills you want to build, and help each other gain them.


4. Watch the comfort zone video at the top of the page. A few years old now, offers a context for growth that underpins our entire process of learning.

That's it for now. I will be in touch as we continue and look forward to our two day facilitation skills workshop in May.

Take good care of yourself and each other.

My best to yours,