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Kia ora!

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Note: Leaders lead themselves.

Use what is useful and leave the rest. 

"You really are your own best resource. Keep backing yourself, grow your skills and capabilities and your best life will follow.”  

- Amanda xx



Reminders and Resources

1. "I Can Speak Clearly Now the pain has gone" This is a personal growth approach to confident public speaking. If you know you are a communicator and want to improve your skills, this will help you bring forward your authentic self. If you are shy, this will also help. (PDF) Download your free digital copy here.

2.'Activate Your Human Superpowers'. This is the superpowers model fleshed out (you have the summary in your journal at the back). Who knows if it will resonate with you but no harm in having a look. Download your free digital copy here

3. A guided sensory check-in. This can serve as an introduction to meditation (audio mp3). It is a closed eyes guided 'sit' like we did in the workshop.

4. STRESS - Healthy strategies - from your own discussions (pdf).

5. Remember GRATITUDE is an ATTITUDE - the more we acknowledge what we really are grateful for (and there is PLENTY) the more we can receive. Generosity of spirit makes the world go around. Before you go to sleep identify x3 things you are or could be grateful for...

6. MONEY - Blair's money hacks - click here to download (PDF)

7. There are several short info videos below that will remind you of some of our content. The Success Spiral, Emotional Bank Accounts, a Superpowers growth framework summary and a couple of others I thought you might find of interest.

More resources...

https://www.justathought.co.nz/resources- a free site that has learning modules that help with wellbeing, anxiety, depression and other topics that will help you learn more about you and how to manage your self (designed for young people).

Stay on your own team - back yourself! Be very good to your fine self always.

You have a big support team cheering you on! We all loved working with you!

Our very best to yours,

Amanda and your Service team xxx

PS: You are ALWAYS welcome to reach out if we can support you.

Comfort Zone to Learning zone video

Motivators for human behaviour

Why be a Global Learner?

Superpowers Overview

The Success Spiral

Emotional Bank Accounts

The following links are your video playlist from the workshop - in case you missed some or want another watch...

The Power Of Teamwork -(Pinguin + Ants) (youtube) – 1:22 Min

Lessons of the Geese -The Art of Teamwork (youtube) – 2:01 Min

Addiction to Technology is Ruining Lives -Simon Sinek (youtube) – 4m

What We Can Learn From Lobster About Stress - Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski - YouTube - 1:14 Min

The Power of words - (Youtube) - 1.44 mins

Don't Put Yourself into a Box - Jay Shetty -1min (youtube.com)

A Clever Lesson In Self Worth - (Youtube) 1.20

Leadership is not just an awarded position -(youtube.com) - 1:57 Min

Obama tells story of chant: Fired up, ready to Go (youtube) 5.33mins

Admiral William McRaven Speech | One Person Can Change The World: The Power of Hope | #Goalcast - YouTube - 6:00 Min

Amanda's all time favourite  when she needs a little courage - if these ducklings can take a leap of faith, then so can we!


  • Notice what you notice - noticing activates Awareness - a human SUPERPOWER

  • Open your workshop journal (with closed eyes) and let the message you see be a flavour for your day. Keep focused on what works for you. Learn yourself like a topic worth studying.

  • Make time for being still - listen to your deepest truth (it is different from superficial day-to-day feelings). Intuition is a human SUPERPOWER

  • JOURNAL - writing down your thoughts and feelings and dreams and insights and ideas helps organise your mind and process your experiences... Imagination is a human SUPERPOWER - dream...

  • Make meaning of experiences in ways that lift you up rather than pull you down. Step back and keep things in perspective. Reason is a human SUPERPOWER

  • Use your Will power to move in the direction of your dreams. You can do and be and have anything if you choose to take action. Will is a human SUPERPOWER

Stay on your own team - always!

  • Sometimes our self-talk brings us down. Treat yourself as you would a really good friend. There will always be obstacles and challenges to face in life, but you WILL thrive if you stay on your own team. 

  • Choose to be around people who bring out the best in you.  

  • Always remember "You are smarter than you think and you are stronger than you know"